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About Medal Tracker

medaltracker.com is a new service that aims to help collectors track down medals they are seeking.

Whether you are looking for your Grandfather's medals, hoping to reunite a broken group, complete a collection or are simply just curious as to a medals whereabouts then the medaltracker.com is for you.

To have a medal listed on medaltracker.com, you either need to fill in the form found in Medal News magazine (if you want the medal listed there too) or use our on-line submission form *here*. The magazine version is free to subscribers, however there is a nominal charge of 5 for non-subscribers.

The on-line version is 5 per entry (an "entry" is the recipient and not the medal you can search for as many medals to one recipient as you like!), making inclusion in both the magazine and the website just 5 for subscribers and 10 for non-subscribers.
Most importantly the on-line entries will remain on the site until the medals are found! Unlike the magazine version there is no expiry date for these entries, your medals will stay listed until you tell us to remove them.
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